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After the Kiss - Karen Ranney

A hero Earl that solves cyrillic ciphers for the crown and he has a bit of a puzzle solving mind. So to him, his crazy attraction to the heroine is a puzzle to be solved. Takes him a while to figure he has fallen head over heals.


He is ruthlessly relentless in pursuing her. He just doesn't get the why. It was so cute when he held on to one of her gloves after a meeting keeping it close to him. :)The heroine is not of his station, a widow of a duke by blow. She was raised by a governess grandma.I like that the hero has to learn some lessons of privilege. As in he didn't give a lot of thought how things would affect the heroine and the things he took for granted based on his station. I thought that was well done.


There are some really sensual scenes here. Erotic really. Lots of create communication back and forth between them. And they go boating. :)There is very little internal dialogue going on and come to think about it, I don't think other Ranney books I read have that either. So rather than having internal waffling going on for pages and pages, the characters actually talk to each other.

They talk a lot, but still not saying what they probably should. I think the communicating lets one get to know the characters better.