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I love to read and I love to read Romance. Any kind of romance. Although, I always come back to Historical Romance. I'll also read Urban Fantasy, Historical Mysteries and Historical Fiction. 

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Scarlet Ribbons - Judith E. French This is the kind of historical romance that gives me the historical details and grit and making me once again realize, why I love HR's in the first place. This is set in Maryland in around 1777. Its not a time I read a lot of books in. For that it was a refreshing change of pace. The people and the land totally came alive for me. I felt like I was there, which was at times uncomfortable as I got at least a bit of a sense, how it might have been. I think I could tell, there was lots of research done. Everything just seemed so real and authentic. But nothing got bogged down. What an interesting time in the life of america. Rebels against loyalists. Neighbor against neighbor. But I also got a sense that these people really just wanted to live their lives, but got sucked into a war they didn't need or want. Especially the women, who had to keep going and keep the families together as much as they could. I got the sense that even though it was such a hard and dark time, the hope on the side of the rebels was what got them through it all. Like the characters at some point said, they are all nuts and insane. But in the end they knew it was worth it. In the midst of all of this we have a wonderful romance blooming between a rebel spying on the heroine the innkeeper, who believes herself to be a loyalist. I really enjoyed this book and I liked the authors vivid writing so much, I already bought another novel and pre-ordered one more. I love when I come across these gems while just browsing in the Kindle store. I do have to say that the kindle book cover really doesn't do this story justice. Its a nice cover, but to me it looks a bit more contemporary.Here on goodreads as of now, only the old cover is showing.