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I love to read and I love to read Romance. Any kind of romance. Although, I always come back to Historical Romance. I'll also read Urban Fantasy, Historical Mysteries and Historical Fiction. 

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The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton I am a bit split on this one. First the cover is totally awesome. Wowser. I read this as a library book on all its trade paper size goodness. I am glad just to have seen the cover close up and in color. Would have missed out on my Kindle. :)I was a bit worried about the sports theme here as I an not into Football at all. Or Baseball. I don't know anything about either, don't watch it, don't care. Only sport I watch is Tennis and I don't recall any romances with that theme. Hmmm ponders....But thankfully the football theme wasn't an issue with this book at all for me. When there was some football talk I just went on. Its not heavy on that. But other things were bothering me some. Its a really hot book. And I liked the playfulness of their encounters. Mick is yummy. I did have some issues with the heroine though. She was always so down on herself and constantly on the verge of throwing a wrench into the relationship and then almost at the end she did so, again. That last one was getting a bit silly considering where the relationship was at that point. Some of the talks were a bit too perfect and repetitive. Again, especially from the heroine. But Mick too had some annoying hangups. And those were really the only conflict in the story. I also could have done with a few less :Oh god oh god oh god's. Every time they have sex. Oh god oh god Mick. I just wanted him to push her over so she'll stop saying that. lol.But it was an easy read, enjoyable, very steamy. I might check out the next, not sure as I don't know how I can possibly like Liz as a heroine after how she acted in this one. But I think I am curious enough to find out how the author will pull that off. I have seen it done before.