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I love to read and I love to read Romance. Any kind of romance. Although, I always come back to Historical Romance. I'll also read Urban Fantasy, Historical Mysteries and Historical Fiction. 

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Friday Night Bites - Chloe Neill I flove the friendship between Merit and Mal. I just want to hang with them. It is so refreshing to have a heroine thathas a real circle of friends outside the other drama. The continued stories that are unfolding. The new friendships that are being made, new enemies, new alliances. The politics of it all, I just was glued to the pages discovering all the tidbits. There are so many undercurrents flowing through the stories. The constant tug of war between Merit, Ethan and Morgan. And also the shifting of the friendship between Merit and Mallory. I guess things will never be the same. I really felt for Merit and her struggles. The world is slowly expanding more and we get to experience it all through Merit's eyes. I get the feeling always that there is more. And I can't wait to read more about the "more".Yep, got suckered into another great series. :)