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Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire

I can't even....I don't even know where to start. There was just nothing likable in Travis, or really Abby for that matter. And it wasn't because he was a "bad boy". I have been reading romance novels for a long time, I have read many of them. I have read some of the most disgusting so called Alpha's over the years. Travis is not a Alpha, or a reformed rogue, or really anything much. He is just a empty shell that is filled with nothing but rage and violence.


There was never a learning from any mistakes, a trying to make yourself better. Nada. He got even worse over time. He kept beating human beings into a bloody pulp for no reason. Nobody ever called the cops, filed assault charges. Nothing.


A well done bad boy has that certain something. A charm, a tortured soul, that little thing that makes one understand why they tick the way they do. Travis has none of that. I never really got any sense of his personality. If there was one other than his violence and controlling abusing temper. Never got why Abby fell for him in the first place.


Not that she had much to recommend her. She started out making some sense. Knowing that Travis was not good for her. Then she turns into a brainless robot. He tells her, he is a piece of shit and she will find that out and that he isn't worthy bla bla. Instead of believing him, she tells him he is amazing. Huh, what exactly was so amazing about him. I just couldn't find anything he ever did that didn't involve in beating someone, destroying property and bullying people.


Both selfish childish kids surrounded by a bunch of enablers. And at the end, I still didn't have much sense of what made any of them tick. And about half way point this book took a turn for the bizarre. At that point it just seemed like plots were thrown in just for the heck of it to see what sticks. Mobsters? Really? And suddenly Abby the former virgin turns not only into a card shark, but a master mobster negotiator. And then they break up, make out, break up, make out, mobsters, cards, fire, HEA. Yeah right lol.