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What a Gentleman Desires - Kasey Michaels

This is the third in the Redgrave siblings series and so far I have loved them all. I really recommend reading these in order. Each has a different couple, but there is the mystery that is being played out over the books. And its a really really good mystery. 


I was looking forward to Valentines story just from the moments he had in the other books. Coming across as this charming lady magnet, but clearly there is more to it then meets the eye. 


The main story arc in all the books is the Redgrave family and their sordid past starting with their grandfather, who started a Hellfire Club that was really nasty and depraved. Women, children, nobody was save.

His son, the siblings father picked it up at some point but with added political shenanigans. 

Both the grandfather and father are dead and someone out there has revived the club and the Crown and the Redgraves want it to stop. 



In this installment Valentine the younger son, tries to infiltrate the revived Hellfire Club to destroy it from the inside so to speak. So as he makes friendly with a suspected member who is a total idiot, he spends time on the idiots estate where apparently some of the meetings are happening. 


I got sucked into this one right away, just like the others. Its a page turner for me and I loved the heroine for the hero from their first meeting. She works as a governess for the idiot member of the club, but she is also there for her own reasons pertaining to her missing sister. 


I adore these two and their verbal matches are a delight. Really all the dialogue is a delight. Its smart and engaging. I also love how the heroine is anything but a damsel in distress twiddling her thumb waiting for the hero rescue. She gets in trouble, she finds a way to get out, or at least tries. Valentine absolutely adores her and its nice to see a relationship based on like and admiration rather than instant love. They are matched wit by wit with I think Daisy coming out on top :). 


And I totally love Valentines valet Piffkin. He's a hoot. And Trixie again such a wonderful character as the vivacious grandmother. Its what I love about these books, all the characters are like real people. 


The mystery part is again very well done and some of the improvising the troop has to do to keep it all under wraps is quite entertaining. Its quite a feat to keep the mystery going for over 3 books now and not get it bogged down. I am still as curious as I was when I started this series. And since the characters and the hero/heroine are so involved in the mystery part of the story, it never takes away from the actual romance. It adds to it as they do things together, rather than spend the whole book with secrets and not talking to each other. 


This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical romance series. I cannot wait for the next which I believe is the story of the forth sibling, Max. 



Thanks to Netgalley, Harlequin HQN and Kasey Michaels for providing the eArc