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Highlander Untamed by Monica McCarty

Highlander Untamed - Monica McCarty

Although overall I enjoyed this one very much, I did have a few issues with it. I have read a few in the Highland Guard series by the same author and thought I should read the first in an earlier series. 

I like the writing of this author and I especially like the true history she works into the stories and explains a bit at the end with the author notes. Its a really lovely touch and I am always surprised to learn what actually happened. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. 


I just had a bit of an issue with how horny the hero becomes as soon as he meets and sees the heroine for the first time. Her outer worldly beauty is constantly brought up and this powerful level headed Laird sudden can't think of nothing else but her nipples and her lips. His brain basically fell into his mighty manly sword. :)



It was just a tad over the top, especially in the first half. Then we hit a stride and everything moved along until that stupid scene where suddenly every declaration of love mean nothing and mistrust is the first thought. That misunderstanding if one could call it that did bug towards the end. Like one last hurrah of obstacle.  


Without that it would have been a 4. 


I'll definitely continue on with the series though as even with those couple of issues I had, I still love the writing and the Highland Guard series didn't have such over the top things in it. So it might just be this book or maybe its just me. We all have different things that bug us. :)