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The Look of Love - Bella Andre

Just didn't get into this much. The insta-love between the two was a total turnoff. Everyone is pretty, gorgeous, the vineyard is spectacular, there is a bad ex hubby. I could have dealt with all of that if I could have actually seen them falling in love. It was just like wham bam 12 hours later she is it for the hero. 48 hours later he thinks about settling down. He doesn't even know her last name for crying out loud.

And instead of getting to know them as characters, as people that fall in love on an emotional level, all I got was one sex scene after another.


The very first sensual scene were the hero walks in on the heroine in the bathtub pleasuring herself is really sexy. But there was no growth following that as far as learning each other on all levels.


I am the last person to complain about sex scenes, I love steam in my romances. But it has to be an extension of the emotional growth and connection between the characters, not a substitute to show "love". Otherwise they leave me totally cold.


I already own the next in the series about Marcus the brother and he was more interesting in this novel the little he showed up than the hero himself, so I have hope it will be better.