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Beyond Forever (Beyond the First Blush Book One) - Debra Dier

I love time travel romance. I probably mention that in every review I do of one. I love them, but they can be tricky.

They can have solutions at the end that are not agreeable to me and what I would want for the couple. 

So I tend to read them with bated breath. 

Thankfully this turned out to be one of the good ones. Quite good. 

I understand that this novel was completely revised from an earlier published version and I have never read the old one. 


I don't want to say to much as far as story goes as I think its always better to read that. I also don't want to put spoilers down. But the brief on it is that we have a Scottish Earl who died in 1816 and is a ghost in the current castle. The castle did not stay in his family as there was nobody left to pass it to.

The heroine is visiting with her grandma and niece and there she meets the ghostly Gavin MacKinnon, Lord Dunmore. 

He thinks that Julia is his miracle and can help him keep his son alive if she goes back in time. So that is how she ends up there. 


Now what I liked about this is they way the heroine is integrated into the past. A bump on the head and she has some memory issues. She is a woman called Eliza as they all know her. But in her head she still has her memories as Julia from modern times. She thinks herself crazy at times. But this lets her be part of the past in a mostly fitting way, without having some of the issues modern heroines tend to have when they go back. Often they get annoying with the constant references to modern things, what they miss, asking for weird things. We only have a few of these here in the heat of the moment. 


By having her be a integrated character like that, makes the mystery of why she has those memories and who tries to murder Dunmore, more interesting and compelling. Its a slow puzzle to put it all together and I thought it was done really well. This is where getting more pages is wonderful for me as it gave me more meat in the story. 


I thought the love across time between Dunmore and Julia was really done well. The characters came to life for me and I really got a sense of where they were coming from. 

I was just really pulling for them and worried how it would all end. Author made it work out beautifully and satisfying. Truly a love across times. 


I am really liking this author and I don't believe I have read anything of hers before this one. I see that her books are out of print and there was a preview of "Scoundrel" in the back which is one of those out of print. I hope that means the backlist is coming to kindle. I'll be on the watch as I really want to read those. 


So yay for authors getting their backlists up and yay for them writing again.