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Once She Was Tempted by Anne Barton

Once She Was Tempted - Anne  Barton

This is the second in the Honeycote series. The first was about the older sister, this one about Daphne. 

It was overall a charming book. 


We have a heroine that posed for two scandalous paintings to pay for her mothers medicine, before her elder sister snagged the Duke and then there is the hero, who owns one of the paintings and or course notices her. 


He agrees to help her find the other painting and so they fall for each other during the adventures so to speak. The hero has a severely painful disfiguring injury to his leg from the war and is a bit of a grumpy one for it. 


What I had issues with was the hero using his leg to push the heroine away. I just got a bit tired of is "I am the unworthy of you cripple" routine. And he kept that up even after he deflowered the heroine. Then suddenly, without the benefit of getting his insights on why he changed his mind, he asks her brother in law the duke for her hand in marriage. 


Overall enjoyable, but the hero "cripple" waffling got old. 

I did very much like Daphne though. She sets her mind on having him and have him she is. :). Mr Grumpy gets the delightful big hearted Miss.