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A Wicked Pursuit - Isabella Bradford

This is the first in a series of books about the three sons of a Duke. The first to get his story is Harry, the oldest and an Earl. 


We meet Harry as he is pursuing a fluffy pretty Lady he decided would make the perfect Duchess for him.

He is a privileged older son that is used to getting what he wants in life. In his prime, arrogant,  handsome and tall, things are easy for him.  

He follows his chosen one to her family's estate to propose. And that is when the world as he knew it, comes crashing down on him.

A very bad fall from a horse, caused by the childish chit brings him in contact with her practical and less sparkly sister, nicknamed Gus. 


The majority of the novel is about the hero dealing with his very badly broken leg. He spends most of the book in bed with braces around the break.

This novel is set in 1768 and so medical care is still pretty primitive dealing with such injury.

And that is what I really liked about this book. The author doesn't shy away from having such a injury be a huge part of the plot and story all the way through. It doesn't just go away after a few pages and we get to see how the hero reacts to his sudden change of lifestyle. He is grouchy, surly, and especially in the beginning a really bad patient. The journey that he goes through, physically and mentally is very well done. 


The sister of the initial intended, the eventual heroine is the one that not only finds him lying in on the ground after he fell, she is also the one that gets him through not only the horrible pain, but also the despair. 


The charm though comes through when he feels a little better and I really loved the interactions between Harry and Gus. I loved seeing her bloom and starting to sparkle in her own way.  


And often when novels are suppose to be set in Georgian times, they still feel like Regencies to me. Not so here. I finally felt the proper time, which is quite a feat considering most of the novel plays out at the heroines family estate and not in fashionable London. 


I am really looking forward to the next in this series. 



Thanks to Netgalley, Random House and Isabella Bradford for providing the eARC