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I love to read and I love to read Romance. Any kind of romance. Although, I always come back to Historical Romance. I'll also read Urban Fantasy, Historical Mysteries and Historical Fiction. 

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About Me

I love to read, well obviously :). I have been a reader since I was a child and I never really read children's books. I went right to adult stuff and maybe what would be considered YA now.

My mother let me read anything I wanted from the shelf and from our very small library. 


When I was around 12, she gave me the first book in the "Angelique" series. Its a historical fiction saga written by a french lady named Anne Golon. Its not very well known in the US, but back in Germany, where I am originally from, it is HUGE. That series started my life long love of anything historical, especially historical romance. There is just nothing so sweeping and adventurous. 


Over the years I read about everything. Stephen King, Literary, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, you name it. But right now I mostly read Romance and other stuff with strong romantic elements. Its what I always came back to anyway, so now I am staying. :)


I don't have a lot of patience with snooty folks that like to look down on romance readers. I like what I like and that is about it. I don't hide my reading and I don't care what the covers look like or what others think about them. 


I also don't have patience with those that think that the romance genre needs to be "re-invented" somehow. If it doesn't have a HEA (happy ever after), or at the very least a HFN (happy for now), it is NOT a romance. Period. There is no formula, no rules, other than it must follow the couple and it must have the HEA. 


Just seems that in recent years I keep running into those that think romance doesn't need a HEA. Well, duh, its the genre. I guess we don't need any fantasy in Fantasy, or murders in murder mysteries, or scary things in horror. 


I know what I want and I want what I want when I buy it. So if I get sold a romance that turns out to be not, I will give the appropriate review on that. I don't have patience for deception. It will not be pretty. 


Ok, got that rant out of the way now. :)


I pretty much read only ebooks now on my Kindle. I had a time period before I got my first Kindle in 2008, where I didn't read much. The font in paperbacks was getting to me and my eyes just kept going down hill. I barely read a few books a year, if that. :(

Then the magical Kindle 1 came out and life has not been the same for me. It has brought the joy of reading back into my life and I can't even express how much that means. I think readers can relate. 


My reviews are on the simple side. I just recently started writing reviews on the books I read. I am not very good at it as I always have issues with putting my feelings into words. I try to do my best though, but it is what it is. :)

I am envious of those that have the magic touch with words, I am just happy when I can be coherent.


Happy reading everyone.