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Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold - Ellen O'Connell

I'll have to mull this over some more before being able to write a coherent review.

But what comes to my mind is the word authentic. If felt authentic and real. The characters felt real and the sense of time and places was really strong.

It was also very romantic. There is a lot going on and I enjoyed everything, all the details of life. The difficult and the moments of sunshine. What complicated relationships between the members of the family.

And as quiet of a man Cord is, the way the story is told I get more of a sense of him than some other heroes that talk 10 times as much.


I have had this on my tbr for quite some time and I am really glad I finally moved it up. I am also glad that by now the author has a few other novels penned I can read. :)


When people talk about the gems in self publishing, this is what they mean. I don't re-read often, but I have a feeling I will do so with this one down the road.