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Ache (The Punk Series, Book 1) - P.J. Post

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book. Its set in the early 80's, which is a time I have many memories off. Oh do I ever :)


Right away I was intrigued by Connor the main character who takes us through the book from his POV. There is such a vulnerability there from the onset that I went from wanting to slap him at times and then just give him a hug. I got a sense early on that things have not been easy for him, yet there is a kind of unadulterated joy of life and being in the now that was quite something. He's young, confused, frustrated and of course often acts like he doesn't give a darn.

The way the 1st person is written really brings this character to life in a very intimate way. 


I was quickly drawn into this story and pretty much read it all the way through with just some pesky sleep in between.


What I really loved a lot was the smart dialogue between the characters.

Sense of time and place is also very well done. Connor is in a punk type band in the early 80's and we follow him from 16 to 18 in this book.


I am going to continue reading Connors story, Tonya's and everyone else. Its gritty, hopeful and lively all rolled in one. Kind of like a coming of age story.