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Wreck of the Nebula Dream - Veronica  Scott

Overall I really enjoyed this ride.


I have to preface this with saying that I went into this thinking it was a sci-fi romance. It was recommended to me as such. The cover kind of also implies it would be a romance.
It doesn't work as a romance though as there is almost no development of a couple and they go from barely having looked at each other to starry eyes and probing tongue. There is no sex going on, just kissing. :)


The POV is from the hero only so there isn't really much of the inner workings of the heroine. Not sure what else to call her, but again, this is not a romance. Its a fast action space adventure with some romantic elements. But barely.

So if I don't try to look at it what I thought it was, it was non stop fun and edge of seat for me. It was a fun motley crew that has to fight against odds after odds once the cruise ship space liner goes to the dogs.


What I found so great here was the way the author made me feel I was there, the urgency of fighting your way through obstacles and enemies. This read like a fun sci fi adventure movie for me and for that I loved it.


But now I have to go back and again try to find sci fi romance that actually is sci-fi romance. They are so hard to find.


I will be reading more of this author, I just won't be going in expecting sci-fi romance anymore. :)