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Legacy of the Highlands by Harriet Schultz

Legacy of the Highlands - Harriet Schultz

I've had this book on my to read shelf for some time now. Moved it to the top recently and I had only wanted to read a sample to see how I would like it. I read straight through pretty much to a couple of 100 pages. So much for sampling :)

It just started so strong out the gate that I just needed to know. Page turner for me for sure.


The suspense was really well done here and I liked the change of scenery from many of the other romantic suspense that I read.

I don't like putting spoilers in reviews so I'll just say that I was really captivated by the scottish suspense part going back to the 14th century.
I did look some of the things up as I was intrigued. But then anything scottish is like catnip to me :)


I wasn't sure how a romance would work between the leads, considering the heroine just lost her husband. It worked though. The dead husband is basically dead at the start, so there wasn't this bonding with the reader, or it would have been an issue for me. That isn't a spoiler as its in the blurb.


There were a couple of times where I would liked to have experienced the action happening as it was happening, not being told afterwards.


It was a really good page turning romantic suspense am looking forward to the next which I think picks up 2 years from the end of this one.


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