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The Courtesan Duchess (Wicked Deceptions) - Joanna Shupe

This one was a surprise to me. I am always happy to find a new author in historical romance, just happy authors still write in the sub-genre. We lost so many jumping to other sub-genres or other genres all together.

I really enjoyed this one. I am not usually a big fan of historicals where the couple is already married as I like to see them getting there so to speak. The journey. But it still had all that as the hero basically ran right after the wedding not even staying for the wedding night. So they didn't really know each other and I still got the journey. And a interesting one at that.

This is such a readable book. Not the best word to describe, but I can't find a better one. One of those where I can start reading and I am quickly in the story and want to keep turning the pages eagerly. One of those. I rarely put it down until I finished.

As infuriating the hero and his actions were, I never got the feeling that he didn't deserve his HEA. I think that was important considering how careless he was abandoning his bride and not looking back. It was still believable. Same goes for the actions of the heroine, pretending to be a courtesan.

It all sounds and is far fetched, but it worked for me here. Again, readability and believability in the characters and their journey is a must when I read romance.

It is also very sensually written. The combination of the sensuality and steam with the emotions of the characters added to the motivations of the characters.

I am moving on to the 2nd in the series right away.