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Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones

Eighth Grave After Dark  - Darynda Jones

So far my least favorite of the series. Some stuff just seemed off. I can't explain it better. Some stuff seemed rushed. The last one was so fantastic that this was a bit of a let down.

And some stuff just seemed like it was dropped or rewritten mid book and other events didn't make sense base on actions of previous books.


A couple of times there was like a repeat of something that had already bee explained a few pages earlier, like the author forgot she already "told" us.
The explanation of why she had to give the bottle to the baby was one such instant.


And all this buildup with the big meanie and then a couple of pages and it was done. Well for now, but lots of characters felt neutered to me here.


I do still love the characters and the end at least gave me some intriguing possibilities.

I just missed a lot of the stuff here that I loved in the other installments. The cases, the mysterious stuff that getting more shocking the more they found out about it. I don't know, it was just lacking a bit of heart.