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Enemy Within (Unseen Enemy Book 1) - Marysol James

I did like the the story and the writing and if it hadn't been so short I would have rated it higher. Problem for me was that it just had chunks of story missing, lots of skipping way ahead which took all the emotion and tension out of the heavy issues. Like reading a book with chapters missing. That is what it felt to me, especially towards the end. It was quite a let down.

I heard this author recommended so much and I really love the story and the emotional punch, at least at the start and when stuff isn't being skipped. But looking at the authors books they are all this short, some even shorter. More like novellas. Kind of sad as I was so hoping to have found a new author and now I don't know if I want to continue reading the series, even though I want to know about the other characters. But I don't want more of this abruptness and feeling of missing chapters. Just baffling to me really the last chunk of this one.

Not a word from the heroine anymore at some point which was so out of place considering the treatment. Just bam to treatment, skip days, week, months, I have no clue and then end.

I just didn't really get a real satisfying HEA and I felt cheated of it with all this build up. I kind of like the HEA/HFN to be on screen so to speak, not mostly off screen. It makes a romance feel incomplete when reading.

Sigh. Could have been so awesome. Sadface.