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Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris

Not sure if it matters at this point if there are spoilers in the review. I mean they are all over these parts. I actually managed to stay completely away from them, while I waited for the book on my libraries waitlist. Took a few weeks.

So I really did not know how it would end and who, well you know. So some spoilers coming on up. **********


But I mean really, is it this surprising? I was early on team Bill and then Eric was mighty fine. But in the last couple of books before this one, I think it was very clear that Eric would always put his own ambitions first. I just really didn't feel any love from either of them anymore. It was like everyone was going through the motions and hadn't realized, that the "relationship" was long over with.


Sookie has basically turned into something she didn't recognize anymore. One of these days I want to re-read the first couple of books, just to see how very much changed Sookie is. Its like she was emotionally broken in the last few books. Like her soul was running on empty. It couldn't go on like that.

I don't think she had anything left to give. And she was not going to turn. She made that very clear. That would have destroyed her. And for Eric to basically insinuate he would have done so, even knowing she didn't want to, that is a break in trust that just cannot be overcome.

So she is trying to reclaim some of her life, some of the simple life she used to have, before she ever met Bill. While her choice at the end might seem upsetting and boring to some, it really makes sense in the big picture. And this is coming from a huge romance reader and romance fan. It just wouldn't have felt real had she agreed to Eric's idea of a future.


So for me this rating is for the overall story. And I found this last book just a tad better than the last two. And for the fact that it was Sookie and her creator that got me started on paranormal and urban fantasy. I hadn't read those until then. So I will always be thankful for that. I will miss them all, some more than others.