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I love to read and I love to read Romance. Any kind of romance. Although, I always come back to Historical Romance. I'll also read Urban Fantasy, Historical Mysteries and Historical Fiction. 

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The Importance of Being Wicked - Miranda Neville This one just didn't work for me. Nobody is really likable in this story until the very end. Although the beginning had a lot of potential to me, it just lost its charm and everyone became unlikable. The heroine is a selfish doormat, that lets her leeching friends just take take take. Always with the excuse that this is how she lived when her husband was still alive. The same loser, that left her with nothing but debts. Yet even after a Duke offers marriage to her, she still holds up her useless dead first husband above her new one. Who gets belittled with the "Lord Stuffy" label and is just drooling after her like a puppy. What I really didn't like that she actually seems to respect her "friends", more than she does her own husband.I just didn't find anything likable about her at all and could not figure out what Thomas would see in her. Other than his lust. Yet he as a grown man acts like a teenage boy in the marriage bed. He has no idea that women have orgasms? There just wasn't a lot of romance here and not until the very end of the book, did I really feel any emotions from Caro. And those where triggered by tragedy. Just didn't like the vibe in this one. I guess the next novels will be about some of those "friends". Not sure if I want to read more of this group. I have read another from this author, which I liked very much. And I think most of my dislike is directly related to the characters. I might give the next one a try, just to see if this can be turned around. Just based on the very end of the novel, where I actually started to feel something for the main characters. The last part of the novel had the heart that was missing for me for most of the middle of it. The beginning had the charm I was looking for. Wasn't sure how to rate it, but considering the beginning and the end, I'll average it to a 3.