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Fading - E.K. Blair

This is a difficult review for me to write. The first half is really incredibly emotional. There was no glossing over the aftermath of such a horrible attack.

We are shown how her mind compartmentalizes every day life. the bubble gets smaller and smaller. I can relate to just wanting to forget such a traumatic event. Just wanting to wake up the next day and hoping it didn't happen. 


Might not be good to read for those that have triggers, but its a very powerful account on what something like this can do to a person. Everyone reacts differently, so this is the interpretation of one. 


The other thing well done was in this case the patience of Ryan. He never pushed, he let her go at her own pace. Again, everyone is different and Candace's way is just not being able to go there. Even being touched by strangers is painful. 


Ryan really is the standout to me in this novel. He is about the perfect mix of honor, patience, loyalty and alpha. 


First half also has a wonderful friendship between Candice, Jase and Mark. I could really feel them and their pain they felt for their friend. 


Where things didn't work for me was the second half. I found some of Candice's actions to be a bit too much on the damsel in distress side. So even if one takes out what happened to her, I think just her personality alone is just a tad too damsel. and drama llama. 

And some of the waffling toward the end really got to me. Yet, Ryan never wavered. 


I also found the second half to be a lot about nothing. I mean it just meanders on and on with every step she and others take being described in detail. They did this and then they went there and bla bla. Stuff just doesn't move forward much at that point and it gets a bit repetitive. 


The very end seemed just a bit of a cop out. I don't know. 


All in all its a very well done book with some issues for me I listed. Some tough stuff in there and I really appreciate the note at the end from the author with the info on sexual abuse and help lines.