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What a Lady Needs - Kasey Michaels

This is the second book in the story about the Redgraves. Loved the first, love this one also. Although the love stories are concluded in each book, there is a mystery that weaves throughout this series so I recommend reading those in order. 


And the mystery is just fantastic. Its really kicked up in this second book and I couldn't wait to find out what happens next. The story is basically about the Redgrave family who's grandfather and then father had some sort of hell club. Both are dead and rumors abound.

Someone revived the club and so the current Redgrave siblings are trying to find out who and the why. It all started with searching for journal's that document the depravity of the club. Its basically like a great treasure hunt with a wonderful love story. 


Now I have read hell fire club type stories before and they usually make me roll my eyes at some point. This one though is very well done. It is pretty much about the fallout and there is no sugar coating what might have gone on. 

This has everything. Smugglers, tunnels, artifacts, death. 


I totally loved the heroine here too. Inquisitive, stubborn and just very very smart. As much as the brothers and the hero try to keep her out of things, its a lost cause. She sees through all of their stuff so they just bring her in. Which makes the couples antics while searching the manor quite entertaining. 


Wonderful side characters with some of them carried over from the last book. Adam the nincompoop peacock young man house guest cracks me up. 


It was just a joy to read and the dialogue was witty and poignant.


Can't wait to read the next in the series.