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Heaven and Hell - Kristen Ashley



Oh the talking, the talking. I know that's a Kristen Ashley thing, but oy. Sometimes its hard to take with the 3 word sentences the hero spouts. And then after a while the other characters start doing it. So we have whole conversations with that speak. But then something happens and the author hits those emotions and they hit me in the chest like a sledgehammer and then I just don't care anymore how they talk, it becomes, normal.


I have no clue how Ashley does this, but do she does. :)

The hero Sam is I guess typical Ashley alpha. Me Tarzan you Jane. But he is never cruel or mean to the heroine. Stubborn and closed off sometimes yes, but not mean. He does have some douche moments though. 


Kia just broke my heart especially at the beginning. Anyone having had a abusive relation ship can relate to the living in the moment. Compartmentalizing everything and trying to keep it to yourself.
There are things to deal with, and deal she does.


There seems to be a lot of different stories in this book and sometimes it seems to just go and go. I think its the sub plots. And sub plots that are like a full story on their own, not just filler in between the hero/heroine time I found in the few I read by this author that there is a ensemble cast. Fully fleshed characters that interact with the couple and some having their own stories woven in.


And if Kia's story isn't heart breaking enough, there is Luci. Definitely a book that made me cry several times and get that tight feeling in the chest.


Towards the end there was a time I just wanted to punch Sam in the nuts basically Then I go from that to, oh poor baby to *sigh*. I think its that "thing" that Kirsten Ashley has. One moment you want to just throw something and the next you just kind of get it.

There is one other thing that I don't know how to put. There is a attention to even the smallest characters, a respect and it just brings everything to full circle at the end of the story.

I thought for a while that there were too many stories, too much time between everything, but it all made sense to me at the end and really lifted this up to another level.

I just can't read more than one of Ashley's books for a while. I am always afraid I start talking in 3 word sentences. And if I ever start saying Ohmigod ohmigod, please shoot me.



***** Forgive the errors for now, its late and I like to put down my thoughts fast or I just can't put anything in words anymore. I clean it up later.