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Ruined by Rumor by Alyssa Everett

Ruined by Rumor - Alyssa Everett

This was a spur of the moment pick for me. I been having a bit of a reading slump and its been taking me way longer to read a book than normally. I had a sample of this one on my Kindle in my recommendations collection, but I can't remember now where that recommendation came from. 


I love this theme, unrequited love from the hero. I also loved that the hero is a bit socially shy and just doesn't know what to say. Small talk is a nightmare for him. So here he has always loved the heroine, sister of his friend, but never been able to say so. Then he has to stand by and watch her be engaged to someone else for 5 years until that dude comes back from the war.

Heroine is a bit of a fluff and a bit of an airhead. A nice air head, but still. She adores her fiance who is just a flashy flirty dog of a peacock. Not until later is she capable of looking below the surfaces of things and people. She does some growing up here. 


But I just love the theme of the hero secretly pining and the heroine being completely clueless. The h/H have to enter in a marriage of convenience for scandal reason and the hero still can't tell her how he always felt.


It was a really nice read and even though of course its clear how its going to go, I still loved reading and experiences the how's.


It was the perfect book for me to fix my reading slump I think. I enjoyed every minute of the book. Sometimes certain writing and themes just hit the right spot and this was such a case.

I'll be reading more by this author.