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To Please A Lady - Lori Brighton

The third in a series about three men working at a brothel. I recommend reading this series in order although I guess it can be read as a standalone. 

But the story about how three young lads ended up together with a madam called Lady Lavender plays out over all three novels and I think its worth it to read them in order. 


I was really looking forward to the story of James as I was a bit baffled on why he was the happy one out of the three with being in the brothel. I just knew there was much more to this and I was not disappointing. I also found his story to be the most heartbreaking out of the three because of the trust he had in the madam and how he even thought of her as some kind of savior and friend. That is what made the betrayal so devastating.


The heroine is suffering from horrible spousal abuse and in a way they are both in their own prisons. Because of the struggles and the suffering, their love just felt so deep and believable. They really had to dig deep to be together. Like the first two in the series, this one is a page turner. I just had to keep reading. The characters are not always just black and white and there is a deep thread of revenge woven through it all.


This is the kind of historical romance I love. Every emotion is played out and because of the writing, I felt everything. 

We are all a result of our experiences and some are able to rise above them and others cannot. I absolutely love the layers in the characters. They are flawed, deep and feel like real people. 


Love this series. It has some darker themes at times, but sometimes I like a bit more meat with my romance reading like I got here. It makes the payoff all the sweeter. 




** thanks to Netgalley, Montlake Romance and Lori Brighton for providing the eARC