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Highlander Claimed - Juliette Miller

This just didn't work for me. It is in first person, which just made everything weird to me. The heroine is a bit of a doormat and down on herself so with it being from her perspective, it brings the tone down. I just couldn't connect to anyone through her eyes. Way to much "I", "me" etc.

And some of the scenes are so, how to call it, flowery maybe? And that was just really weird done in first person from this heroine.


I kept reading as I liked the overall story and wanted to know about the tattoo. But the fact that the two basically fall in deep and flowery love from the first time they meet, makes it less mysterious. I mean it was wham bam and suddenly the hero turned into a 2 year old when the heroine wasn't laying in bed next to him. It was all just a bit too much.


I was actually more interested in the heroes brothers Kade and Knox. But if the next in the series are also in first person, I don't think I will read them. I'll have to check.