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Promise me Heaven by Connie Brockway

Promise Me Heaven - Connie Brockway

This is the first in a connected trilogy with "All through the night" next and the third "No place for a dame".


I had a bit an issue getting into this one. Especially the heroine and especially in the first 3rd or more of the book. Can't really explain why. Just one of those things. I think part of it was the stupidity of both not telling each other they love one another until almost the last page. It got old.

Retired rogue and rake and former spy with gray streaks, so old in his 30's. :)
Heroine hires him basically to teach her to be irresistible so she can get the a gent she picked to offer for her. He seems to be a bit stuffy and proper. She is being practical and tries to help her family this way.

So he is suppose to teach her how to allure her chosen one and of course he falls for her and she falls for him and neither of them can tell the other. Things heated up when they had to flee Paris when Napoleon broke out from Elba.


Overall though a bit meh for me.


As I own the other two in the trilogy, I will continue with the series. I have pretty much loved every other Brockway I read so I am looking forward to those stories.