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In Love with a Wicked Man - Liz Carlyle

I wasn't sure when I started this how I would like it. I am not a big fan of the amnesia story line and they usually don't enchant me anymore.
But here we have a master at work and although amnesia is part of this in the beginning, it really isn't the story. It is more of a awakening and it does not go on for a long time either.


This is a more quiet story as far as the journey goes. There isn't an easy one for Edward and Kate. But then they aren't easy people, but complex ones. They are both so beautifully drawn and flawed that they fight their right to be happy, kicking and screaming it seems. Stubborn and lonely I guess. But it isn't a story of misunderstandings. They both know quite well what they are getting into.


And what I would call the assemble cast is also wonderful. It is a bit slower paced towards the middle, which to me just highlighted some of the daily routines Kate has had to deal with as Baroness.
She wants her Edward and by golly I wanted her to have him and his green fine eyes. She deserved him.