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Turning Point - Tiffany Snow

I am still reeling from this book. I like to write my reviews when I am still fresh in the book. 

The title is very apt for this one. 


First off there is a lot of stuff happening in this one. I think this is my favorite installment yet of the series. Its just non stop stuff happening. Some nasty dark stuff too and lots of bullets. And Kathleen gets whipped around more than some french mousse in this one. Ouch.


As much as I can get annoyed at times with her to sticking her nose, or face into things, knowing she is going to get hurt, I respect her as she always does it with this noble need to want the best for everyone. She isn't wired to just walk away, even if it gets her into some really bad situations. Honorable I would call her. All involved though have one thing in common, stubbornness. The constant need to want to protect the other makes all of them not be open about everything, which of course we all know leads to disaster.


It also opens up the way to distrust.


This installment is also where cases and personal lives are intertwining and going on a collision course. I could see it coming, but couldn't look away like a bad crash. Or couldn't stop turning the pages in this case. 


I am still a bit stunned to be honest and instead of going to a different romance sub-genre, as I usually do, I am going to buy and read the 4th in this series right away. I am just not ready to go yet. I can't let go. 


Whats also crazy is that the book is 444 pages. I flew through this so fast it didn't seem enough. I wanted more, that is how much I love this series.