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Out of Turn (Kathleen Turner #4) - Tiffany Snow

I am a huge fan of this series. This is the 4th installment and I read it right after I finished #4. I was on the edge of my seat and just had to continue. But now I wish I had waited a bit with reading 3 and 4, maybe stretch it out a bit longer since the last, #5, won't be out until May. Darn. 


I said I was stunned after reading the last one, but I am just as stunned after this one. Its a different stunned, yet still an emotional one. 


As I finished this I realized how far we, or should I say Kathleen, have come since the series started. My goodness a lot of stuff happened. Kathleen, the at times ditzy pretty blonde princess, has grown up. She has been through the wringer and back and then all over again. So have Blane and Kade really. 


And I have to be honest, I really had no clue which direction it was going to go here. Its like watching a train wreck at times when you know someone, or all of them are going to have their heart ripped out one way or another. 


The suspense is superb as ever as the talons that weave through out the series come unglued and untangled. 


And again, over 400 pages fly by like nothing. What a story teller.