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To Sin with a Viking - Michelle Willingham

I am quite split on this book to be honest. Let me first start out by saying that I absolutely love the change of usual scenery we find in historical romance. 

This is set in 900 something, pardon me for not recalling the exact year. :). It is set in Ireland at a time where the Norse were also mingling with the locals, not always peacefully and there were other enemies like the Danes. 


I have read several by this author and I always love the way she pulls me into the time and place and gives me fully fleshed out characters. I wasn't disappointed on that score here. The land and its people as strange as they are to me, it felt real. 

I could almost smell the sea. 


The reason I picked this particular book was reading the reviews of people I follow and how split the opinions are. That intrigued me. I addition to the setting that is. I think the only other Viking romance I read was some Sandra Hill and those are very very different. Those are meant to be funny. 


As this book starts we get a sense of the despair and hunger of the people in the settlement and how they have basically given up. I guess its hard to think positive when your body and spirit are weakened by hunger. It set the somber tone of the book that stayed with me to the end. 


As the hero is married, I wasn't really sure how this would work out. The times were very different then and there really weren't any bad guys so to speak in it. I felt horrible for all involved. Nobody was happy about the situation. 

But some of the emotional cheating that is going on between the hero and the heroine did bother me. Even though I could somehow understand it in some way. And to me there very much was cheating. Emotionally and also on a intimate level, just not going all the way so to speak. 


Even though I loved this setting and the world and the people, because of the subject and the somber tone throughout, it was a bit depressing. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to live and survive in those days. 


I found the customs and beliefs that were touched upon here very interesting. 


I can totally see how some would hate this book for its contents and others liked it. It really is one of those personal things. 


Overall I found it very absorbing and it really did pull me into the world. Which is why I probably need something a bit more happy and fluffy as my next read :)