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River Marked - Patricia Briggs

For me this had a different tone to it than the previous books. Not in a bad way, just different. I think its because this is the first time that Mercy and Adam spend that much time together without any of the other pack or vampires or the usual clan that surrounds them. 


Besides the very beginning where we see Stefan and again at the end, most of the book is set in a kind of national park that is run by Native Americans. 


I really liked that we got to know more about Mercy's heritage, or should I say didn't get to know. I am confused about all of it a bit, just like Mercy. :)


Crazy new creatures and Mercy once again having to get bloodied. What else is new. I think Adam said something to the effect that Mercy doesn't start most of the stuff, but she finishes it. So true. Trouble does seem to follow her. 


Another great installment in this very interesting world.