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I love to read and I love to read Romance. Any kind of romance. Although, I always come back to Historical Romance. I'll also read Urban Fantasy, Historical Mysteries and Historical Fiction. 

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Binding Vows by Catherine Bybee

Binding Vows - Catherine Bybee

This is the first book in a time travel romance trilogy. Here we meet Tara and her friend who are visiting a Renaissance Fair in modern day California. There they meet up with the villain, a dark druid woman who has been banished to that time. And she needs a virgin of druid descend to break the spell. Tara being both of those things of course is then in danger.


To the rescue come Duncan the hero of this novel and his brother Finlay, who come from medieval Scotland to modern day to prevent the dark druid from finding virgins. And yes, they usually do exactly as one might think. un-virgin the virgins. :) No virgins, useless to the dark druid. 


This time though they take Tara to the past for protection and that is where the story unfolds.


I had a few issues with Tara the heroine, although I can't quite put my finger on why. I have no faults with Duncan though, or his brother. Really the whole family is quite interesting and I really got a sense all the way through that there is a lot more story to tell.


Although there is a nice proper romance ending, there is also the overreaching arc that flows through these books and because the way it ended and where it left another member of the family, I went immediately to the next in the series and started reading it. I just had to know what happened next.


I have owned this kindle book for a while now and I am glad I finally got around reading it.

Overall I really enjoyed it.