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Silent Vows  - Catherine Bybee

This is the second book in a time travel romance trilogy. I read this one right after I finished the first, without a break. 


I liked the 2nd even better than the first. Here the story is about Myra, who is the sister of the hero in the first book and she is from the past, from Scotland. She has to go to present time for protection from a dark druid woman who needs a druid virgin to break the spell that was put on her. 


Myra meets up with cop Todd, who of course is very suspicious of her. She has nothing but the name of the sister of the first books heroine Tara. Tara in present times of course disappeared and so Todd has to question everything. 


I really like this scenario where for once we get a little insight into the after math of one of those time travels. We often have the heroine just leaving present day and going to the past, but we usually don't ever see the after effects to those left behind in present day and the investigation. We get a bit of that here since Todd is a cop. 


Of course there is more time traveling to do and Todd also has to deal at some point with being in the past. I don't want to say to much about the plot, but he held his own among the honorable Scotsman. 


There is a lot of stuff happening in this one and it was so nice to really get to know the whole family in Scotland much better here. We also see how the women are finding their druid gifts more and more and helping to fight along the men against the evil druid woman. 


I will read the 3rd very soon as again, the arc is still going by the end of the 2nd. This is shaping up to be a really entertaining time travel romance series.