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Dark Surrender by Erica Ridley

Dark Surrender - Erica Ridley

This was a wonderful gothic flavored historical romance. 


We start with the grown up on the streets waif, running from the law, stumbling over gravestones at an Abbey that is inhabited by Alistair Waldegrave.

Inflicted by something horrible, he and his daughter are basically boarded up in the dark inside the Abbey. There are catacombs, dark and scary corridors, suspicious villagers and of course secrets.


This has all the drama that I want out of a gothic. Murder, secrets, passion, villains. 


But what really got me the most was the emotional portrayal of the characters. The hero, horribly tortured by life and circumstances and the heroine with her own scars. I really felt their despair, their longing and most of all, their loneliness. 


There were some scenes in here that ripped my heart out, right along with the characters. I love when I find authors that can give me that. 


I always am most satisfied reading, when an author can make me feel all of the emotions. And when the characters go through a lot and the payoff is absolutely worth it. I pretty much read this in 2 sittings. 



** Thanks to Netgalley, Intrepid Reads and Erica Ridley for providing this novel for review.