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The Beloved One - Danelle Harmon

Overall a 3.5

I love this setting, it starts in 1775 Boston area. I am always happy to find historical romance from this time. And I like when it combines the American setting with the English setting in one book. Everything was lush, the area, the people, the bits of battle we got.
The heroine is having a sort of Cinderella story. She is half native american and basically used as a servant by her two half sisters and father. When she meets the hero, he is seriously injured.

This story basically follows up after the first in the series where Charles is presumed dead. I loved the first one. Here I just had issues with Charles. He turned into a whiny boy feeling guilty about everything and just kind of immature. Considering his standing in the military, it was just a bit too much. And he doesn't really stop until the end either.
I was just wanting to throw him into a "Take That" music video at some point. Kneeling in the rain screaming "Why, Why, Why me".
Also annoying how easy it was for the horrible half sisters to deceive him and how he just believed the fake letters so easy.
He was wimpy.

Someone need to tell him to snap out of it. I guess that is what his older brother the Duke Lucien did back home in England. So thankfully even though I didn't like this hero very much, I really liked the other brothers and they saved the day.

Overall it was a very enjoyable read. Nice cast of characters and I am now very intrigued by Andrew, who's story is coming up in the next. The ending left me wondering.

The bombastic finish of this one was just grand and entertaining. I always love when historicals incorporate some sort of "contraption".

I am looking forward to Andrew's story and hope for more contraptions. :)