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Wishing for a Highlander (Highland Wishes) - Jessi Gage

This was an uneven time travel romance for me. I love that subgenre of romance and I am quite able to suspend lots of reality so to speak in favor of pure entertainment when it comes to TT. 


What bothered me some here were some of the plot issues and character issues. The heroine went into TSTL for me when she first went back in time. She even went into shrew territory for me. Got better as it went on, but that annoyance lingered for me. I don't have many quibbles with the hero other than maybe being a bit naive. 


There were some odd time jumps, not time travel jumps, just missing story time that made no sense to me. The hero's Laird, who is shown to be on the edge of insane, wants to burn the heroine at the stake and is just horribly cruel, somehow gets back into the hero's good sides, but we never get to see it. He casts his heir the hero out of the family, he vows to murder the heros woman, sends folks to grab her, etc. And yet, out of the blue we are told they are invited back to the Laird castle and made up. It happens off page and just skipped over. It was such a huge part of the story all the way through that it just baffled me to just gloss over that. 


The other thing was Anya. Despicable being and we are just left hanging on that front. 


There was overall a lot of nice story, but the stuff I pointed out was jarring for me.