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Christmas Moon - Elizabeth Lane

This time travel just didn't do it for me at all. And it didn't even have much to do with the plot holes, heck its a time travel. I love them and I am used to just feel the entertainment of them, rather than get all logical. 

What didn't work for me was all the diaper changing, leaking breasts and all the baby stuff all throughout. There were numerous mentions of the leaking breasts, I kid not. Milk running down her shirt/dress, stinky cloth diapers, her being horny for the smelly hero. 

There really wasn't much of any other story other than the birth and the feeding and changing of the baby. All while stuck in a cabin with a smelly hot guy lol. 

I knew that the heroine was pregnant from reading the blurb, but I didn't know the whole book would be about almost nothing but all the baby stuff. At the end I just kept changing pages to get to the ending and see how its resolved. 

I was really hoping for more story of the mining community and more of anything really.