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Loving a Norseman by Kris Tualla

Loving the Norseman - Kris Tualla

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. First off, I was intrigued by the setting. Hero having lived in Greenland and making his way back to his home in Norway, gets shipwrecked near the heroines home in Scotland.


The sense of time and place came through wonderfully for me. As she heals him from his injuries, Grier and Rydar have to communicate without speaking the same language. That was so well done throughout this novel. The dialogue and how one picks up words here and there, it just very realistically done. I say this as a non native english speaker.

The reader kind of learns along with the hero, not just language, but customs, everything. This gives the couple a nice chance to grow together, which I like. Rather than insta-love.


I am looking forward reading more from this author. I just have the sense there is a lot of research going into these stories and it shows.